What To Watch This Week!

There is a lot of big things going on in the market this upcoming week. Three large companies are expected to give there quarterly report. Netflix will release their Q1 on Monday. They are expected to show respectable numbers, but it’s not all good news for Netflix. CNBC believes that there will be a lower number in the subscriber growth compared to resent quarters, but only due to a lack of original content. However, Netflix has invested a large chunk of change into making new content. This is a double edge sword of course for Netflix. On one hand they create more subscribers, on the other hand they just reduced the bottom line due to the large investment in future content. All things considered they are expected to yield a $.38 increase per share. I am currently invested in Netflix and I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings. Another stock to watch is American Express. For the last two years they have been really struggling. An onset of problems, including losing their partnership with Costco, has kept them from making headway in the market. This quarter they look to make a rebound. According to SeekingAlpha¬†they should be making quite a comeback. If their projections are correct American Express would make a great longterm investment. The last stock I have watch on this week is Johnson and Johnson’s. They are set to release their earnings report on Tuesday, and considering their performance in the last year it should be a great report. They have consistently beaten the market since last year, and are expected to do it again Tuesday. In 2016 sales rose 7% thanks to their pharmaceutical devision. Johnson and Johnson’s expects the pharmaceutical devision to increase sales by another 4%-5% this year. This will surely increase the bottom line and put more money in shareholders pockets.

Thats all I have for this week. I hope this blog was entreating for you. As always, if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly. Until next time!