Juvenile Stock Market aims to inform young professionals about the stock market and the financial industry so that they can make informed and beneficial investing decisions. By providing stock market analysis, industry overview, and relevant news Juvenile Stock Market will be a go to site for young professionals. The goal is for this site’s information and advice is to equip those professionals to make their own decisions.

Here we hope to have lively discussions and topics that matter to our readership. If you have a question you would like answered please email tswope17@yahoo.com. We will provide a timely response and you could be featured on our site discussion.

Tom Swope is a business administration major with finance concentration at Messiah College. He is passionate about the financial industry and seeks to share his passion with other young professionals. He believes that an informed young professional can take control of his own financial future for the betterment of himself, his community, and the economy. His experience is in the financial industry, as a financial planning intern. He is excited to continue to grow his financial knowledge.